The neverending project...

Yes, I'm alive...well barely. I'm currently as big as a barn and my brain is constantly off in never never land. I'm happy to report that the remodeling project has finally made some progress. The walls are up, the plumbing is done, everything is mudded and painted, now we're to floors, trim, closets, and installing bathroom stuff. So the end is near, I'm just worried it won't get done in time for the baby.

My blood pressure has been persistently flakey here and now I "officially" have PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension). My non-stress test went fine though which means even though I feel like crap the baby is fine. Now I'm just in "please let the ultrasound be right" mode. If this turns out to be a boy instead of a girl I don't know how I'll take it. And for all you that whine about "just as long as it's healthy" - this is my little dream ... I've always wanted a little girl, since I was four years old and picked out the name. I've had time with all three of my boys to adjust myself before they were born so I didn't go into the crying, postpartum depression fit I would have - instead I could get the disappointment and frustration out of my system and enjoy the boys.

Anyway, I'm staining trim (no lectures please, it has to get done somehow...I open all the windows) and I'm actually making decent progress. Just the baseboard, windowsills, and doors to do now. But I haven't put the polyurethane on anything yet...blah. This just seems like the project that never ends. I'm gonna whack my husband over the head - he worries and whines about everything and it's driving me crazy. Sometimes you just have to get it done.

I'm very much looking forward to having this baby - I'd like my body and my brain and my hormones back. And climbing stairs without huffing and puffing would be nice too.


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