The saga continues...

Well, I did some looking for a simple, assert style testing framework - maybe one or two classes is all I wanted. The closest thing to what I wanted was simpletest but my goodness - it isn't so simple anymore. Like phpunit(2) it's become a behemoth. So I suppose I'll have to quick roll my own.

The other problem, beside finding the testing/debugging suite I wanted, was a name for this little project. Spork is cute but not exactly what I wanted to associate the thing with forever - yes it's going to be a fork, but at some point the code will be basically replaced.

So I could go the semantic route (wordpress, moveable type, et al), or I could go the nonsense route (drupal, joomla, mambo), or I could go the my/php route (phpbb, phpnuke, myphpcalender), but I'm a weird one, and I wanted a mascot (insert nervous laughter) so I decided to name it after an animal.

Callicore is a genus of butterflies, most of which are found in south america (and it's a cool name to boot) My favorite is the callicore pastazza. A black butterfly with a bright blue stripe on it's lower wings and a yellow-orange stripe on the upper. The underside has an interesting eye shaped design on the lower wings. Callicore are not very big - the largest ones run about two inches, but all of the species in the genus are colorful. So we have Callicore. Prettier than a dolphin or a lizard :)

Tomorrow I'll work on the testing/debugging suite stuff but I have to run all around town so don't count on too much getting done yet (I need to get my junk into svn....)


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