Valentines day for remodeling?

So we're going to be doing some remodeling, and we wanted to go check out some of the things we need to get, like a new tub, shower, toilet et al. My husband calls his mom to set up a time when they can watch the boys for us while we look. And we went on Valentines day.

I don't quite know why he didn't ask if another day would work better, I had steaks bought and a dinner planned. Instead we spent a couple hours in menards and then ate at steak and shake. Not completely a romantic fantasy, but I suppose that's life. I am excited about doing a project though. If I have a nice new bathroom and bedroom, maybe I'll find the energy to get a nice bed set, towels, and some wall decorations. I haven't done a lot of interior design for one big reason though...actually four reasons, and they're all male.

Boys are destructive. I don't care how much people whine that boys are easier to raise, they break thing, tear around the house, and generally overload my life with testosterone. I want a girl so bad, even though it won't even begin to correct the male overbalance. Knowing my luck though, girly me will end up with four boys and nothing nice in the house because it will just get broken.

I think about my mom's decorating and how it wouldn't last more than five minutes with my kids. She had two girls, and a rather gentle boy. My oldest boy is gentle too, but clumsy and more than a bit airheaded, and the middle and youngest are rough, and that's personality, something not likely to change. When we do visit her house she better put the nice stuff up.

But it still makes me envy those that can have nice candles and pretty pictures. I do my best, but my husbands idea of decoration is star trek models, movie posters, and scale cars. I like roses, pink, and bathrooms that smell like flowers not...well you figure it out.


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