Why I worry...

This is just a general "I'm a worry-wort"

My paternal grandmother has type 1 diabetes. While that really isn't that unusual - the strange thing is she wasn't diagnosed until age 27-28 after a stillbirth. Now whether she had the condition earlier than that is unknown, but most people with type 1 diabetes are diagnosed before puberty. My family history and the fact that I had gestational diabetes with my first child ups all my chances for contracting diabetes at some point. While no one else in the family has gotten the disease, it seems strange that it would miss everyone completely.

So I've been putting on a LOT of weight in the past three weeks or so. Whether my dates are off and the baby is playing catch-up or I have gestional diabetes, or maybe I'm going to end up with real diabetes, I'm not sure. I won't know anything until after they do the glucose test (probably at my next appointment, fun). In any case, I worry.

My brother and mother both are hypoglycemic - it's kind of like diabetes in reverse. I have a borderline version of the same condition normally. Bottom line is if I skip meals or eat rotten (cookies are not a meal) then my blood sugar will drop dangerously low. Normally as long as I don't skip meals and watch my diet I don't have any problems. However I've had two blood sugar crashes in ten days. I've learned how to see them coming, eat fast, and sleep it off to avoid problems but it really makes you feel rotten. And my diet hasn't changed and I haven't skipped meals, which is very strange. All of it seems to add up to a baby who suddenly decided to grow exponentially.


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