ZendCon Day 2 - (Holy Unconference Batman)

Day 2 ... well let's just say we all got up a little later. Day 1 I had been on Eastern time still so at 5:30 I was awake and ready to go, Day 2 meant a more normal 7am wake up. I had meant to sleep in, except that I forgot I had signed up for a 9:45 unconference slot (what was I smoking?)

After really nasty rolls, juice, and coffee for breakfast I meandered my way down to the keynote...and basically missed most of it. Not that I really cared too much. See, where I work uses all 64 bit windows machines, and adobe does not yet have 64 bit flash... hence I really don't care too much about flash, flex, or any adobe technology at the moment.

So, I headed down to the unconference area and did my little presentation. I started out just on my laptop, with no slides, because I didn't have an adapter for the big screens until Patrick showed up... However with desktop stuff I think hands on works well. I simply walked through installing php-gtk2 and some examples on how to use it, and people were actually impressed with it (I was attracting customers while speaking)

Afterward Andrei complained that I scheduled it opposite him, because he wanted to see it....oops? Maybe I'll give the talk again ;)

Nothing at the main conference really thrilled me so I ended up sitting through Paul M Jones's fantastic unconference talk on organizing php applications. People had been asking me about this kind of stuff at lunch and such - they should have been there.

So, lunch came and went, Joe Spolsky talked about...something... I'm not exactly sure what the POINT was but he managed to make fun of just about every technology out there... might have been the after lunch soporific effect and the nasty pasta.... and I was back down in the unconference area for Josh's talk on PEAR2. I also wanted to be in Stagner's windows talk and Elizabeth Naramore's E-commerce one...but there was only one of me (so I delegated). Josh did a great job, but ended early so I hiked up to catch the end of Stagner's talk (and see my website on his slides...doh) and realize that it was really badly titled - using PHP on Windows would have been appropriate.

Afterward I headed back down and caught the end of a Zend Framework talk at the unconference, which I've been told was the best one given...

Then we ended up at a Microsoft Silverlight unconference talk, which actually was pretty interesting given I'm trying to help get PHP as a silverlight language... Poor Microsoft guys though just didn't have the answers for all the questions we threw their way. I'd hate working for a company where I wasn't given the answers....

Finally we all ended up in the exhibit hall walking around, eating, drinking, generally having a good time.

And then the "fun" happened. I went over to one of the booths (I won't mention which one). I was wearing my little black dress, and holding my name tag in one hand and my wine in the other and started talking to one of the guys at the booth. Now, my overly large brother who looks nothing like me was just behind me and the guy says "Is that your boyfriend or fiance?" while pointing to Josh. Now I've had that question before, didn't think much of it, after all we DON'T look alike and he's a foot taller. So I answer "No, he's my brother" with a little laugh.

"Well the reason I ask is we're looking for developers..." Now, for about two seconds I was kind of struck dumb. How do you answer that kind of ... idiocy? So because I'm dressed in a great outfit and female I'm obviously just a tag-along (I've grouched about tag-alongs at conferences before). So I recover, hold up my tag and say "actually I'm a developer" - to which there is sheer shock on the guys face followed by a moment of slack jawed horror that he had obviously just said something very stupid. So I took a T-shirt and went on my way, convinced that there's still some work to be done.

After that was the "Yahoo Nightclub" - now, no offense to Yahoo but it was utterly stupid. First of all, the only thing they had to drink was bad beer. Secondly, they had a magician and a bad comedian - what are we, 8? Lastly, the hotel kicked us out of the party when we tried to bring in some good booze.

Anyway, let's just say that Sara was angry with the hotel and Kitman annoyed his neighbors, and I met one of the PHPWomen at the conference that I had been hoping to meet (Hi Desiree) and we all ended up in the bar, where a certain roommate had way too much to drink (and where are the pictures of him with the condiments?)

One late night later we finally all crashed, thinking "We now have awesome stories to tell at the next conference"


Matthew Turland

OK, so I learned that Coronas + bad beer + shots = really, really bad! I learned, I apologized (several times during my drunken stupor, the subsequent hangover, and in my wrapup blog post), I learned, and I won't take advantage of that naughty, naughty open bar again. And the condiments weren't my idea! :P I was an OK roommate otherwise aside from the snoring, right?

2007-10-15 10:45 am

Sara Golemon


Liquor before beer, never fear,
Beer before liquor, never sicker.

Didn't anyone teach you that?



OMG... You didn't relate that wonderful little moment, I'd have gone over there and given that guy a piece of my mind....

Oh...wait... maybe that's why you didn't tell me at the time...

I DON'T HAVE A TEMPER!!!!! (much)

Look, it's like this, right? I just happen to have a habit of speaking my mind... Some people appreciate honesty!

P.S. - You were workin' that little black dress...

2007-10-15 1:53 pm

Matthew Turland

Sara- Actually no, and I'd only had one prior occasion where mixing drinks resulted in some not-so-enjoyable results, and I think that was actually margaritas, shots, and Bloody Maries. So, yeah, now I know better. And yeah, she WAS workin' that little black dress, wasn't she? :P

2007-10-21 8:26 am

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