ZendCon Day 3 - (Beam me home next time)

I didn't think I'd manage to wake up the last day. It had been a very late night and the pasta from the day before gave me an incredibly upset stomach. But the thought of Cory Doctorow made me get up and at it.

The keynote was ...interesting. Cory has good stage presence and some great content. But he's not what I would call a "fabulous" speaker. First some slides would have been great, he went through a lot of material pretty quickly and something to refresh the mind for us visual learners would have been appreciated. Secondly, he stood behind the podium and read notes, something that royally irritates me. However, his message was excellent. Yes, it's too easy to copy and copyright law needs an overhaul and DRM is stupid... Still, I felt a bit like he was preaching to the choir. This type of talk needed to be heard by some board members, not the geeks ;)

After that was the Windows presentation. I use windows - a lot. So the IIS fastcgi stuff wasn't new for me, although it is very awesome. Then they presented some on the new Microsoft Sql Server 2005 driver they've been working on. Here's the blog post on the subject and my opinions on the subject (I left them as a comment but who knows if they'll ever show up) - in any case, short wrap-up, great functionality, rotten API. I'm sure I annoyed the heck out of them, but PHP on Windows is something I deal with all the time, I'd really like to have things "just work" - and why do I have to wait for SP1 on Vista to get my fastcgi on IIS7 on Vista working properly.

(In other news, I have new builds on Perisama including MSVC 2008 if you're interested)

After thoroughly annoying the windows guys, I ended up talking to them some more outside. My plane was leaving later that day so I was worried about getting everyone out of the room who needed to leave, who was going to the airport with, eating lunch, and other such nonsense. I did attend the closing keynote, but again felt it would have been a bit more interesting if he at least would have mentioned how PHP helped them run instead of just pitching their product. On a side note, Spoon had an awesome card collection, we all helped him out but that means we're sure to see him again next year - "Go spoon!"

In any case, after the keynote a rather large group, mainly from #phpc, headed over to the Sizzler across the street for some real food. Then it was time to turn in my key, grab my junk, and head to the airport. Josh (my brother) came with me and we talked about the conference and the fact that we don't see each other much anymore. He managed to move his flight up (never did find out if they kicked him off the plane at San Diego) and by that time I was moving over to my flight. The bad thing about flying west to east is you lose time, and I was already tired. I slept a good portion of the way, despite the Islamic guys behind me singing their prayers (no offense, but if I spent half the flight singing church songs I would have been told to shut up) .

So we got into Midway and I had to wait forever for my luggage (although at least it was on the right flight this time) and then walk in the cold to my truck...and then try to stay awake for the drive home. The last hour or so I was flooring the accelerator and downing coffee. Finally, at about 2:30 am EDT I was home, and it was good.

Conferences are fabulous for networking and I have so much work to do I don't know how I'll ever get it done. Really I can only manage two of these a year at most, so hopefully I'll see you at the next Zendcon (or php|tek - hurray for chicago conferences!)


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